A.J. McGonigal
December 2006 Pictures

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Wow...lotsa snow!
...bout time to poop!
Mmmmm...cookie dough!
Daddy and me.
Guess who can easily climb out of his crib! (12/9/06)

Same crib, now a toddler bed. (12/9/06)

Aunt Julie and me.
Posing by the Christmas tree. (12/13/06)
Riding my bear!
Don't worry Shannon, I'll fix your hair!  (12/16/06)
Totally crashed out...
Bella and me smothering grandpa.  (12/21/06)
Wearing my pants on my head!  (12/22/06)

Am I a handsome dude or what?  (12/23/06)

Greatest balloons ever!
Whoops, looks like the marker attacked me!  (12/23/06)
Nice present, let me sit in it!  (12/24/06)
Merry Christmas!
Cool new chair from Santa!
I dunnoh...is this stuff any good?  (12/25/06)

Thanks for the Backyardigans DVD, daddy! (12/25/06)
I'm kinda liking this present thing.  (12/25/06)
At Grandpa's house, Christmas day.  (12/25/06)
Bella and me opening presents.  (12/25/06)

I love mommy!
My cool ABC board!
Should I sleep on the Dorsch couch or bed?  (12/31/06)
Aunt Jenny, I'm coming to get you!  (12/31/06)

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