A.J. McGonigal
January-February 2007 Pictures

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Happy New Year!
A long night of partying...
Watching a little TV in my cool chair. (1/2/07)
Here I come!
Now this part of Florida is FUN!
I get this Dragon all to myself!(1/4/07)
Me & the monkeys
Our Florida vacation group.

Line drive!
Me & my friends in a train.
OK, I know it's just a fake cow... (1/15/07)
My buddies at the aquarium. (1/17/07)
What the heck is going on?  (1/17/07)
Big lizard, blurry picture!
Ooops, mom says not to stand on the couch! (1/19/07)
Doin' my ABC's...
We're BEARS fans!
Me, Andrew, Jack, and the HUGE TV.
Get ready ball, I'm gonna smack you! (1/23/07)
I throw better than Grossman! (1/23/07)

Should I take up bowling too? (1/23/07)
Think I finally got a grip on this process. (1/23/07)
A true Italian boy! (1/23/07)

This Bears helmet is just a bit too big (for now).  (1/23/07)
Gotta get this driveway shoveled! (1/24/07)
Just hangin' out...
Hey Bob, I have a new job on the phone for you! (1/26/07)
Fruit snacks in the cold.  Yummy.  (1/26/07)
Watch out or I'll drill ya!
Jess giving me a Mohawk.
Jenna and me enjoying the day (2/2/07)
A bunch of balls!
Making some important business calls. (2/10/07)
Cookie cutting time...
Painting my new "bank." (2/16/07)
...just a little bit higher... (2/16/07)
Alex McGonigal - cameraman. (2/17/07)
Daddy says clean hands are very important. (2/17/07)
Happy Valentine's day, a bit late! (2/18/07)
Me and the V-Bear having a good laugh. (2/18/07)
Hot Wheels go FAST on this track! (2/23/07)
Riding the Jelly Belly train. (2/24/07)
My favorite person - MOM! (2/24/07)
A big mouse called Chuck E. Cheese. (2/24/07)
Mardi Gras time!

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