Alexander the Great!
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The following images of AJ (Alexander James) are the most recent We've been gathering them since his birth, and they're sorted by month (see below the current images).  Various family pictures will also appear in these galleries.  Click on the thumbnails for a larger version of the image.  Also, the original writeup from November 29, 2004 is below.
CLICK HERE for pictures of my niece Isabella            CLICK HERE for pictures of my nephew Rory

My buddy's birthday, and some frosting...  (4/5/08)
Playing with hay.
The three amigos!
This is my new BATMAN motorcycle!  (4/7/08)
Welcome to Barrington, Berry family!  (4/13/08)
I fly through the air with the greatest of ease.  (4/21/08)
Yeah, take a picture of THIS!
Elise, my babysitter and my new friend.  (4/26/08)
In daddy's weight room...I could just hang here forever. (4/28/08)
Wait, we have a new drum solo for you!  (4/29/08)
Yup, I can drive this thing.
The quickest way down the stairs is to avoid 'em.  (5/4/08)
My tongue needs a suntan.
My cousin Jessica and m.
Hey, we're making...I dunnoh.
Getting ready for a nature hike!
Happy birthday, mommy.  Can I open this for you? (5/9/08)
Mommy's birthday, with my cousins.  (5/9/08)
We had a surprise party for mommy today!  (5/10/08)
Don't I look handsome and itchy in this outfit? (5/11/08)
I made those handprints!
Hey, even I have to earn may keep around here.  (5/12/08)
Prepping for the 2024 Olympic games.  (5/13/08)
Uh, mom, this cycle isn't big enough for two!  (5/13/08)
SOMEONE has to cut Papa Lamberty's lawn!  (5/15/08)
Me and Bella.
Sack race!  My sack is bigger than yours!  (5/18/08)
My first fish, I caught it on Papa's boat!  (5/19/08)
Our lawn is WAY too long, guess I'll cut it.  (5/21/08)
I don't know about this guy, I like Batman... (5/22/08)
Mildly exciting.
Way crashed out with my cousin, it was a long day.  (5/22/08)
A bench in the middle of nowhere.  Nice.  (5/23/08)
Grandpa's pool is officially open for the year!  (5/25/08)
Ooooh, slimy, wet, muddy, yuk!
So whattda think?  A good new hairstyle?  (5/29/08)
It's hot today, we need some water.  (5/31/08)
I get to push baby Rory around!
Mmmmmm ....gatorade.
The Berry family and us at Great America.  (6/2/08)
Daddy likes to read to me sometimes.  (6/6/08)
What can I say, I like standing in puddles!  (6/7/08)
My mom's friends...her daughters.  (6/7/08)
Look, I caught a fake plastic fish in my backyard!!!  (6/10/08)
Anyone for Twister???
I think this is the gay Batman.
Lunchtime with friends.
Hey Luke, you can't catch me!
I bought that shirt for daddy.  Happy Father's day!  (6/15/08)
Bella and me in Aunt Missy's house.  (6/15/08)
Tea party?  I don't think so.
Is this real, or am I at a museum?  (6/19/08)
Mere ropes can't stop me!
Daddy and me at a park in Barrington.  (6/22/08)
Here I am, once again, in the Bumble Bee.  (6/24/08)
Can you see daddy and me on this roller coaster?  (6/24/08)
Sarah and Jeffry Dorsch came back here to visit!  (6/27/08)
Nice.  Not thrilling, but nice. 
Mommy and me, and ain't it a pretty setting?  (6/30/08)

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Alexander James (A.J.) McGonigal (born November 27, 2004) surprised us a bit...though full term he arrived two weeks before the "official" due date of December 11th.   However, he was definitely ready to go as Laura started having contractions very early Saturday morning (11/27)...we ended up at the hospital (St. Alexius in Hoffman Estates) by 8:00 AM...and by 2:50 PM the baby was born.  Alex weighed in at 8 lbs, 4 oz and was 21" long...all the tests have come back fine, so we have a healthy and hungry baby.  Laura is sore.  Both of us are very happy and kinda tired... 

From November 27 - 29 I captured quite a bit of pictures, several of which are posted I got some cool video during my crash course of using the new camcorder (never owned one before and the first time I used it was Saturday morning).  As time goes on I'll add more pictures to make up a nice online gallery, and this gives me an excuse to update the site more often.  So far everyone who's seen Alex says he looks a lot like his old man, which I'm hoping they are saying as a compliment!  So, if you're interested in seeing what an Irish-Italian-Taiwanese-German kid looks like, now you know.

FYI, we opted to be surprised as to the sex of the baby (if it would have been a girl, Leah was the name).

How ironic is it that the last movie we went to see - three days before the birth - was "Alexander"!   

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