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Good Morning . . .


Why is it that we will laugh at a man in a clown outfit, but we won't laugh at a man just walking down the street carrying a clown outfit in one of those plastic dry-cleaner bags?


I ran across this news site a few weeks ago that may be of interest:  here's a nice way to receive some top headline news in a one-page, consolidated format - sign up for this news at  It takes about a minute to register, and once done you'll start getting a daily e-mail with an html file attachment.  This will print out on one page, but if you view the file online you can also click on links to get full-length stories.  There are no sports headlines, but overall it's a great way to get a quick update.  Try it out!



1979 - Rider Strong (actor)

1954 - Jermaine Jackson (singer)

1953 - Bess Armstrong (actress)

1950 - Christina Onassis (executive, heiress)

1949 - Teri Garr (actress)

1944 - Brenda Lee (singer)

1943 - John Kerry (politician)

1942 - Donna Mills (actress)

1940 - David Gates (singer)

1935 - Tom Brumley (musician)

1931 - Rita Moreno (dancer, actress)

1913 - Carlo Ponti (producer)

1882 - Fiorello La Gaurdia (Mayor, lawyer, US representative)

1803 - Hector Berlioz (musician)



Smokers, Beware!
In November, a judge upheld a rule passed by a condominium association in Golden, Colo., prohibiting owners from smoking even inside their own units (in that neighbors had been complaining for five years that a couple's cigarette smoke had been seeping into their town houses). A few days earlier, Belmont, Calif., became the first American city to ban smoking everywhere in the city limits, including condominiums and even cars (but not detached, single-family homes). A day before that, however, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to instruct the police to treat marijuana-smoking as the city's lowest law-enforcement priority.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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