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Good Morning . . .


If a kid ever asks you how Santa Claus can live forever, I think a good answer is that he drinks blood.


Thank you Santa, for bringing the Bears a rare win while giving the Packers a lump of coal!  Merry Christmas everybody! 



1974 - Ryan Seacrest (TV and radio personality)

1971 - Ricky Martin (singer)

1946 - Jan Akkerman (musician)

1944 - Mike Curb (music executive, producer)

1930 - Jill Bennett (actress, d. 1990)

1929 - Mary Higgins Clark (author)

1924 - Carol Haney (dancer, actress, d. 1964)

1922 - Ava Gardner (actress, d. 1990)

1905 - Howard Hughes (aviator, industrialist, engineer, film producer, d. 1976)

1893 - Harry Warren (composer, d. 1981)

1880 - Johnny Gruelle (writer, cartoonist, d. 1938)

1809 - Kit Carson (frontiersman, d. 1868)



The Continuing Crisis

In January, Jerome Felske was fired as a truck driver for the city of Chicago when investigators learned that he had 22 criminal convictions on his record. Felske appealed, and in September, the city's Human Resources Board reinstated him, noting that Felske had actually disclosed six of them on his original application and, as to the others, the board said, the city had not proved Felske "intentionally" hid them. Felske, his lawyer had argued, had simply forgotten about the other 16 (all of which occurred before 1991): "I challenge anyone ... to recall their grocery list from ... two weeks ago."


Least Competent Florida Police

(1) Sheriff's deputies arrested Cynthia Hunter, 38, in Brandon, Fla., in October, and she remained in jail for 50 days until a lab finally concluded that the "methamphetamine" in her purse was really dried cat urine that she had legally purchased for her son's science project.
(2) Deputies arrested Andrew Johnson, a white man, in Ocoee, Fla., in November, believing he was Anthony Johnson, a black man wanted on a felony drug charge. Andrew Johnson was allowed to post bond while the case was under investigation, but his driver's license was confiscated, and his mother had to drive him to and from work.


People Different From Us
Australian Wayne Scullino, 30, quit his telecom job in Sydney in early 2007, and, after convincing his wife, they sold their house and moved to Wisconsin for the sole purpose of rooting for the Green Bay Packers, about which he had enjoyed an almost inexplicable fascination since age 15. Said Scullino, "At some point, you've got to stop living the life you've fallen into, and start living the life you want to," and he feared waiting even one more year, since quarterback Brett Favre might retire after this season. He told the Associated Press in October that the family would probably move back to Australia after the Super Bowl and start all over with a new house and new job.



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