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Good Morning . . .


One of the worst things you can do as an actor, I think, is to forget your lines, and then get so flustered that you start stabbing the other actors.


Despite the Bears once again snatching defeat from the hands of victory, it was a good sports weekend with the Cubs clinching their division title - their first back-to-back postseason appearance since 1907-1908.  Hmmmmm..let's hope that's a good sign!


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, September 22nd

1987 - Tom Felton (actor)

1961 - Scott Baio (actor)

1961 - Catherine Oxenberg (actress)

1961 - Bonnie Hunt (actress)

1958 - Lynn Herring (actress)

1958 - Joan Jett (singer, actress)

1958 - Andrea Bocelli (opera singer)

1957 - Nick Cave (singer, songwriter)

1956 - Debby Boone (singer)

1954 - Shari Belafonte (actress, TV co-host)

1930 - Joni James (singer)

1928 - Eugene Roche (actor, writer, d. 2004)

1927 - Tommy Lasorda (baseball)

1914 - Martha Scott (actress, d. 2003)

1909 - Allan 'Rocky' Lane (voice (Mister Ed), actor, d. 1973)

1902 - John Houseman (actor, d. 1988)

1895 - Paul Muni (actor, d. 1967)

1791 - Michael Faraday (chemist/physicist, d. 1867)



Déjà vu

The two states whose electoral votes decided the presidential races in 2000 (Florida) and 2004 (Ohio) are provoking anxiety this time around, also. In Palm Beach County, Fla. (home of the "butterfly ballot" in 2000), 3,478 optical-scan votes disappeared between primary-night counting on Aug. 26 and the official recount a few days later (flipping the outcome of at least one race).  Also in August, Ohio officials claimed that they had fixed a software-logic tabulating error in Premier Election Systems machines used in some counties (but, according to a spokesman for Premier, a company formerly known as Diebold, that error had been present for the last 10 years).


Recent Alarming Headlines

(1) "Elephant beats heroin habit with detox" (Reuters, 9-4-08) (Chinese poachers had spiked his bananas with heroin to control him). (2) "Court grants injunction to stop woman cutting off man's penis" (Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 8-15-08) (He told the judge in Darwin, Australia, that to escape her pursuit recently, he had to hide in tall grass). (3) "Police: Chihuahuas provoke baton attack on nude beach" (KGW-TV website, 7-28-08) (A naked beachcomber, 74, near Portland, Ore., may have overreacted to two Chihuahuas advancing on him).


Least Competent Criminals

An unidentified man smashed a 6-foot hole in the wall of the Name Brand Clothing Store in Tulsa, Okla., in August and labored through the night to bust open the safe, but according to the surveillance video, he finally gave up six hours later after making only a small hole in the safe. However, when the store manager arrived later that morning, he found the safe unlocked, probably the result of his forgetfulness the night before, and no contents were missing. Though the crime was unsuccessful, the manager offered to hire the robber, based just on his diligent work ethic.



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Bryan McGonigal


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