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Good Morning . . .


If you were a gladiator in olden days, I bet the inefficiency of how the gladiator fights were organized and scheduled would just drive you up the wall.


Think all that April rain & flooding will bring lots and lots of May flowers?  Guess we'll find out soon enough!  Also, all the way at the end of this week is my lovely wife Laura's birthday (May 9th) . . . though not appearing on the "Famous" list below, she gets an even more special happy birthday wish right here!  J



1979 - Lance Bass (singer)

1972 - Mike Dirnt (bassist - Green Day)

1959 - Randy Travis (country singer)

1956 - Pia Zadora (actress)

1951 - Jackie Jackson (singer)

1942 - Nickolas Ashford (producer and songwriter)

1941 - Ken Lamberty (my father-in-law!)

1941 - George F. Will (author, commentator)

1929 - Audrey Hepburn (actress, d. 1993)

1919 - Heloise Bowles Cruse (journalist, d. 1977)

1909 - Howard DaSilva (actor, d. 1986)

1889 - Joseph Cardinal Spellman (Roman Catholic clergy leader, d. 1967)

1796 - Horace Mann (educator, d. 1859)

1769 - Sir Thomas Lawrence (artist, d. 1830)



Things People Believe

Baltimore prosecutors were stuck in their case against cult leader "Queen Antoinette," 40, whom they had charged in the starvation death of a young boy who was being punished for failing to say "Amen" at meal time. They would need the cooperation of the boy's mother, cult member Ria Ramkissoon, 22, but she was refusing to flip on the Queen, whom she believed would eventually resurrect her son from the dead. Finally in March, the judge announced a breakthrough: Ramkissoon would cooperate, but prosecutors would promise in writing to drop all charges if the Queen eventually brings the boy back.


Bright Ideas

Coming Soon to Reality TV: The CMT cable channel has scheduled an August start-up for "Runnin' Wild ... From Ted Nugent," in which the rock singer, hunter and uninhibited gun advocate will spend five episodes training three novices on how to survive in the woods, and then, in the final episodes, Nugent and his 18-year-old son will go hunt them down, with the last one to avoid capture declared the winner.


Unclear on the Concept

The Web site offers, for people too busy to speak to God themselves, a daily service of invocations (using voice-synthesizing software) for Catholics, Protestants, Jews or Muslims. Starting each day "reciting" the Lord's Prayer (or the Islamic Fajr) is $3.95 a month. Hail Marys are 70 cents a day for 10. A Complete Rosary Package is $49.95 a month. Each prayer is voiced individually, according to a March report on, with the subscriber's name on the screen, and for Muslim prayers, the computer's speakers point toward Mecca.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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