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Good Morning . . .


Sometimes I think it would be better to live my life as a bird, able to soar above the ground, than to live it as a confused bird that digs into the ground.


I ended up having a very nice birthday weekend despite a very rough one in terms of my sports teams.  It was great taking the family to Nebraska for a game, and now AJ can say he's been to a REAL one (with 86,000 other fans).  Back to reality with a long week ahead of me, so it's time to dry out and get back to work.  One last thing - I'd like to send early birthday wishes to my father who turns a young 66 this coming Saturday!


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, October 19th                  

1976 - Omar Gooding (actor)

1970 - Chris Kattan (actor, comedian)

1962 - Evander Holyfield (boxing)

1960 - Jennifer Holliday (actress)

1945 - Divine (actor, d. 1988)

1945 - John Lithgow (actor)

1945 - Jeannie C. Riley (country singer)

1944 - Peter Tosh (singer, musician, d. 1987)

1937 - Peter Max (pop artist)

1932 - Robert Reed (actor, d. 1992)

1931 - John LeCarre (author)

1922 - Jack Anderson (columnist, author, d. 2005)

1920 - LaWanda Page (actress, d. 2002)

1911 - George Cates (musician, musical director, d. 2002)

1909 - Robert Beatty (actor, d. 1992)

1885 - Charles Merrill (stock company mogul, d. 1956)




While state and local governments furiously pare budgets by laying off and furloughing workers, retired bureaucrats who receive defined-benefit pensions (rather than flexible 401(k) retirement accounts) continue to receive fixed payouts. According to a California organization advocating that government retirement benefits be changed from pensions to 401(k) accounts, one retired fire chief in northern California gets $241,000 a year, and a retired small-town city administrator's pension is $499,674.84 per year, guaranteed.


Love Can Mess You Up

Before Arthur David Horn met his future bride Lynette (a "metaphysical healer") in 1988, he was a tenured professor at Colorado State, with a Ph.D. in anthropology from Yale, teaching a mainstream course in human evolution. With Lynette's guidance (after a revelatory week with her in California's Trinity Mountains, searching for Bigfoot), Horn evolved, himself, resigning from Colorado State and seeking to remedy his inadequate Ivy League education. At a conference in Denver in September, Horn said he now realizes that humans come from an alien race of shape-shifting reptilians that continue to control civilization through the secretive leaders known as the Illuminati. Other panelists in Denver included enthusiasts describing their own experiences with various alien races.


Can't Possibly Be True

Health Insurance Follies: Blue Shield California twice refused to pay $2,700 emergency room claims by Rosalinda Miran-Ramirez, concluding that it was not a "reasonable" decision for her to go to the ER that morning when she awoke to a shirt saturated with blood from what turned out to be a breast tumor. Only after a KPIX-TV reporter intervened in September did Blue Shield pay the claim.  And the National Women's Law Center found that the laws of eight states permit insurance companies to deny health coverage to a battered spouse (as a "pre-existing condition," since batterers tend to be recidivists), according to a September report by Kaiser Health News.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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