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Good Morning . . .


When the age of the Vikings came to a close, they must've sensed it. Probably, they gathered together one evening, slapped each other on the back and said, "Hey, good job."


Sorry that this was a day later than usual . . . I just ran out of time Monday morning.  Perhaps it had something to do with all the Murphy’s Irish Stout I drank the night before, but that would be crazy talk!  Anyway, I encourage everyone who receives this to join my NEW mailing list that will be specifically for McGonigal’s Pub.  This can be found on the new and quickly improving website:


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, January 12th                

1988 - Andy Lawrence (actor)

1974 - Melanie Jayne Chisolm (singer)

1965 - Rob Zombie (singer)

1964 - Jeff Bezos (founder of

1954 - Howard Stern (radio & media personality – “King of all Media”)

1951 - Kirstie Alley (actress) 

1951 - Rush Limbaugh (radio host, political commentator)

1951 - Chris Bell (singer, guitarist, d. 1978)

1944 - Joe Frazier (Boxer)

1930 - Glenn Yarbrough (folk singer)

1926 - Ray Price (singer, songwriter)

1915 - Martin Agronsky (newsman, d. 1999)

1910 - Luise Rainer (actress)

1905 - Tex Ritter (county music singer, d. 1974)

1902 - Joe E. Lewis (comedian, d. 1971)

1876 - Jack London (author, d. 1916)

1856 - John Singer Sargent (artist, d. 1925)

1729 - Edmund Burke (statesman and philosopher, d. 1797)

1628 - Charles Perrault (author, d. 1703)



Can't Possibly Be True

In November, a Chicago judge ruled that former firefighter Jeffrey Boyle is entitled to his $50,000 annual pension even though he had pleaded guilty in 2006 to eight counts of arson (and allegedly confessed to 12 more). Boyle is known locally as "Matches" Boyle to distinguish him from his brother, John "Quarters" Boyle, who is now in federal prison for bribery following the theft of millions of dollars in state toll-gate coins. Judge LeRoy Martin Jr. concluded that Matches' arsons were wholly separate from his firefighting.


Salvadorean citizen Ernesto Gamboa, who worked for 13 years in the Seattle area as a snitch for federal drug agents and contributed to at least 92 convictions for drug- and weapons-smuggling, was "fired" by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in May after asking the agency for regular employment. Gamboa originally entered the U.S. as a visitor but overstayed and now aspires merely to an "S visa" granted aliens who assist law enforcement. Not only did ICE deny that request but, according to a November Seattle Times report, the agency informed Gamboa that he should prepare to be deported.


Alcohol Was Involved
In November, the Seattle Police Department, investigating a complaint about a beating, interviewed a 25-year-old man hospitalized after being found screaming in pain impaled on a metal fence. He said he had run away from a barroom fight and momentarily thought he was a "ninja warrior" capable of leaping the fence.  And Sean McDowell, 24, was arrested in Ashland, Ore., after attempting to steal a 4-foot-tall stuffed giraffe from the front of a children's store. A police officer had witnessed an inebriated McDowell grab the giraffe and make simulated sexual movements, then walk away, and then return 90 minutes later to snatch the animal for good.


We Have Rules!

Shawnee Mission Northwest outscored the competition at the Kansas Girls State Gymnastics Championship in November, but finished in third place because of a one-point penalty for a rule violation. The school's coach had inquired about a balance-beam score outside the five-minute "window" for inquiries. The two schools that were tied for second place were declared co-champions.



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Bryan McGonigal


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