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Good Morning . . .


If you ever go temporarily insane, don’t shoot somebody, like a lot of people do.  Instead, try to get some weeding done, because you’d really be surprised.


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FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, January 18th                

1993 - Morgan York (actress)

1983 - Samantha Mumba (singer, actress)

1971 - Joanthan Davis (singer, songwriter)

1969 - Dave Batista (wrestler)

1961 - Mark Messier (hockey)

1955 - Kevin Costner (actor)

1954 - Tom Bailey (singer, keyboards)

1941 - Bobby Goldsboro (singer)

1932 - Joe Schmidt (football)

1920 - Constance Moore (singer, actress, d. 2005)

1913 - Danny Kaye (comedian, singer and actor, d. 1987)

1904 - Cary Grant (actor, d. 1986)

1892 - Oliver Hardy (comedian, d. 1957)

1882 - A.A. Milne (author, d. 1956)

1856 - Daniel Hale Williams (cardiologist, d. 1931)

1782 - Daniel Webster (politician, d. 1852)

1779 - Peter Roget (physician, theologian, lexicographer, d. 1869)



Land of the Free . . .

Big-time traffickers who smuggle illegal immigrants into the U.S. from Mexico rely on GPS devices to evade the Border Patrol, but starting in June, border-jumpers who travel on their own can have protection, too. Three University of California, San Diego faculty members have designed inexpensive cell phones with special software to locate water, churches and medical facilities in the treacherous Southwest desert (while avoiding law enforcement) and will give the devices to Mexican charities. The phones, which will also feature "welcome to the U.S." poetry, are expected to save the lives of many of the hundreds who die each year on their dangerous journeys, but illegal-immigration protesters are demanding that the academics be arrested for assisting in crimes.


News That Sounds Like a Joke

Plastic surgeon Mark Weinberger, who skipped town in Merrillville, Ind., in 2004 to avoid mounting malpractice lawsuits and Medicare fraud charges, was finally cornered living in a tent on the southern slopes of Italy's Mont Blanc in December. As authorities approached to arrest him, Dr. Weinberger grabbed a knife and plunged it into his neck, but perhaps owing to his rusty skills (or incompetence, if the malpractice claims are accurate), missed the major artery and was captured.


The Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre in Norfolk, England, lowered the water level in its giant aquarium for Christmas because the big turtles (which are herbivores) were scheduled to receive their annual holiday treat of brussels sprouts. Officials know from experience that if they fail to lower the water level, the gas bubbles from the powerful turtle emissions will lift the water high enough to trigger the emergency tank-flooding buzzers.


Having Fun Now!

On the heels of the "Balloon Boy" fiasco in which a super-ambitious father exploited his child to win a reality TV job, Jim Dunn of North Vancouver, British Columbia, submitted a demo reel to reality-show producers featuring him and his entire family turned into gasoline-soaked fireballs. Dunn, one of Canada's leading film stunt men, and his wife and three kids, ages 15, 12 and 9, have all performed as stunt doubles (though it was the first fire for the youngest, who was 7 when the video was shot), and abundant safety precautions were taken (with no resulting complications). In his career, Dunn has suffered six leg fractures and a cracked skull, and needed two bowel resections.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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