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Good Morning . . .


I hope, when they die, cartoon characters have to answer for their sins.


The Winter Olympics have been a nice diversion to watch while working, especially since they seem to run endless replays through all hours of the evening (and morning).  That was a GREAT hockey game last night with the USA beating Canada . . . lots of USA pride, even though most of these guys are all NHL players anyway.


On a business note, if things go as planned we’re opening our doors at the pub and wine bar two weeks from today!  Stay tuned for more details!


FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS, February 22nd                         

1986 - Miko Hughes (actor)

1978 - Jen Frost (singer)

1975 - Drew Barrymore (actress)

1972 - Michael Chang (tennis player)

1971 - Lea Salonga (actress)

1969 - Clinton Kelly (fashion consultant)

1968 - Brad Nowell (singer, d. 1996)

1968 - Jeri Ryan (actress)

1963 - Vijay Singh (golfer)

1962 - Steve Irwin (naturalist, d. 2006)

1950 - Julius Erving (basketball)

1946 - Dan Millman (motivational speaker)

1945 - Oliver Swofford (singer, d. 2000)

1934 - Sparky Anderson (baseball)

1932 - Edward Kennedy (U.S. Senator, d. 2009)

1926 - Bud Yorkin (director)

1918 - Robert Wadlow (world’s tallest man, d. 1940)

1908 - John Mills (actor, d. 2005)

1907 - Sheldon Leonard (actor, d. 1997)

1907 - Robert Young (actor, d. 1998)

1900 - Luis Bunuel (director, d. 1983)

1889 - Olave Baden-Powell (founder of girl scouts, d. 1977)

1857 - Robert Baden-Powell (army officer, founder of the boy scouts, d. 1941)

1810 - Frederic-Francois Chopin (composer, d. 1849)

1778 - Rembrandt Peale (artist, d. 1860)

1732 - George Washington (1st US President, d. 1799)



Smartass Gets What He Deserves

In all likelihood, convicted murderer Paul Powell would have been sentenced to life in prison for his 1999 crime, but he could not resist gratuitously ridiculing the prosecutor. Powell's original sentence of death was overturned because of a technicality in Virginia law: The "aggravated" circumstance in a murder that warrants the death penalty must be committed against the actual murder victim (whereas the prosecutor had proved only that Powell had also raped the victim's sister). Powell assumed that the prohibition against "double jeopardy" thus ruled out the death penalty and so decided to gloat, calling the prosecutor "stupid" and taunting him with details of his crimes. For the first time, Powell admitted that he had also raped the murder victim. That was evidence of a new aggravated circumstance (i.e., no "double jeopardy"), and the prosecutor obtained a death sentence. In January 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Powell's appeal.


Can't Possibly Be True

A Toronto restaurant, Mildred's Temple Kitchen, announced that its Valentine's Day promotion this year would not just be a romantic dinner but would also include an invitation for couples to have sex in the restrooms. Toronto Public Health officials appeared unconcerned, as long as there was no sex in food-preparation areas and as long as the restrooms were clean. "Bodily fluids" were not a concern, said one unruffled health official, because after all, that's what restrooms are for.


The Continuing Crisis

In February, the Board of Trustees of Saugatuck Township, Mich., scheduled a May referendum asking voters for an increase in the property tax in order to cover unanticipated new expenses. The budget overrun was due to the mounting costs of defending lawsuits by people and companies complaining that the Township's property taxes are too high.



As a reminder, my reason for sending this is to help keep communication lines open between friends while hopefully adding a bit of levity to the day.  Back issues are available in the Deep Thoughts section of my website.  Have a great week!


Bryan McGonigal


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