Kelsie McGonigal...1990 - 2003
Kelsie, my pet Beagle of almost 13½ years, passed away in her sleep at Hilltop Animal Hospital in the early morning hours of October 21st, 2003.  Apparently there was nothing that could be done…there were numerous internal malfunctions including some cancer, but suffice to say that her system was shutting down as is normal when one dies of old age. The good news is that there was little suffering; the doctor believes it was painless since she was stable & on medication the prior evening. This all seemed to have happened rather suddenly as there were no significant changes in her activity up until the end of last week. However, Laura and I were fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time with her the last few days, and Sunday evening I slept right next to her on the floor as she was resting on her pillow bed. 

It's never easy to lose a loved one, be it a person or pet, and Kelsie was as much of a part of my family as anyone else. She will be greatly missed.