Nebraska 27

Notre Dame 24 

Eric Crouch scores the winning TD in overtime!

Saturday, September 9th..."Road Trip"

The trip with by without a flaw, unless you count a broken 5 gallon cooler of Mai Tais (nearly half of which ended up on the bus floor), some heavy duty traffic leaving South Bend and a rather skanky bathroom towards the end.  Minor details!  A good mix of Nebraska & ND fans got to see a very exciting game.  I'm waiting for some pictures to come back from my cousin, and will get into more on the event at that time.  

In the meantime, check out this link for the breakdown & game details, plus you can view a web page on the "Hipper Open" sponsored by Marty Falkenberg.

Below is my original writeups about the trip:

This should be an excellent trip regardless whether or not you actually get into the game!  I've already chartered a luxury bus that seats up to 47 people (we'd figure 30 tops so everyone's very comfortable) - this includes important things such as an onboard bathroom, several televisions and a built in stereo system.  The current plan is to leave very early Saturday morning (around 6:00 AM, probably from a central location such as Palatine), party the entire way to South Bend where we should arrive by 9:00 AM.  The party continues as a tailgate.  The game starts at 1:30 PM CST, so those who have tickets will go see the game...everyone else can either watch the game by the bus or hit one of the surrounding bars.  We plan on leaving South Bend around 6:00 PM, party all the way back on the bus and should return to our starting point by 9:00 PM.  My suggestion would be to have a ride planned or a designated driver.  

All food & drinks will be included for a flat fee TBA (depending on the amount, probably $40-$50 per person).  More later; depends on the headcount.  I'll continue to post updates to this site.

IMPORTANT:  This is the first time these teams have played since 1973, and tickets ARE at a premium.  Some reports have them going for as high as $1000.  I am working on getting as many as possible (for regular prices) from relatives in Nebraska, but CANNOT guarantee anybody that they will be available.  My best & only suggestion would be to try yourself.  By the way, the 1973 game was the Orange Bowl, where the Huskers crushed the Irish 40-6.  However, in fairness to ND, they lead the series 7-6-1.  

Preseason LATEST LINE - Nebraska by 14.  The Huskers are also ranked #1 in SEVEN of thirteen preseason polls, including the AP (Florida State has the other six nods), #2 in five and #4 in one.  I did find the Irish in three different polls...they're ranked 19, 22 and 23 respectively.

Finally, an old friend and ND alumni is planning a Golf Outing at Palatine Hills on Friday, September 8th.  This conveniently ties into the big game weekend and actually is being held to raise money for a scholarship.  If you are interested in details please contact me via e-mail or 847-277-1660.

7/12/00 update - I've received info on the Golf Outing via e-mail...that will be transferred to this site shortly.  

7/19/00 update - we're up to nearly 20 folks interested in the bus ride to the game.  Tickets are still being sought.  More info on the golf outing soon. 

7/27 update - tickets remain a problem to get, but there is still plenty of room on the bus ride.  If you're interested please "reserve" your spot costs nothing and at least will assure you can ride along.  Chances are any additional spots may be gobbled up by some people at the 9/7 golf outing.  

8/9 update - don't know who really reads this page, but if you are planning on going on the trip I would like to know ASAP.  In addition, I'll be making some phone calls and perhaps mailing out some unofficial invites.  More later!