Family Bios - Brief Notes
 Effective January 2010
Maybe coming in the future...a family tree (more like the small acorn that eventually grows into the mighty oak!)
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Bryan and Laura have been married for 7½ years, reside in Barrington IL, and as I'm sure you've seen from the site have a 5 year old boy, Alexander (AJ).  Bryan is currently working on McGonigal's Pub, which is slated to open in March 2010.  Before that, he was running his own marketing/communicatinos company, BLAM Productions, Inc,, which was started in June 2006 after a successful 15-year career at Medline.  Laura retired from Medline in October 2005 after 18½ years of service, and is currently loving life as a full-time mom.  Family pets Kelsie (Bryan's beagle) and Norman (Laura's cat) died in the fall of 2003, though AJ is pushing for a new dog (or cat) to join the family sometime in the near future.

My sister Melissa and her husband Steve Berry have resided in the town of Barrington since May 2008, coming here from Long Beach, CA where they lived since June 2003 (they previously lived and were married in Seattle, WA).  Until recently Missy was a law professor at Chapman University but has left that career to be a full-time mother to their two children, Isabella (4) and Rory (2).  Steve will be the owner of Park Avenue Wine Bar & Merchant, which is also directly related to McGonigal's Pub (before that he was doing miscellaneous grant work coding law web/info sites for a few states).  Their original family pet, a bulldog named Marmalade, passed away in the fall of 2006, but they have since adopted a new bulldog (Twiggy) to go along with their two cats (Charlie & Miles, the latter of which is blind).

My father Dennis currently resides at two homes, his one in Naples FL (been there since the fall of 1997) and his one in North Barrington (purchased in June 2006), which is about five minutes from Laura and I (ten minutes from Missy & Steve).  Dennis is still at Medline (41 years now) though is more or less "officially" semi-retired as of the beginning of 2008.  He is slowly adjusting to his less-stressed lifestyle (???) and occasionally plays a good round of golf!  My dad also is the owner of the buildings that will house the Pub and Wine Bar businesses.  My mother, Mary, passed away on March 15, 2006 after a courageous two-year battle with ovarian cancer.  She was 62 years old, a retired RN and married to my dad for 42 years.  An ongoing log/update on her condition was kept on our news page and is also located here.

Other relatives - on the McGonigal side they're a bit sparse and scattered.  All of my grandparents are dead, as is my father's only brother, and my mother was an only child.  Surviving relatives are Don & Susan Lindstrom who live in Bonita Springs FL (Don is my father's mother's brother) and Doris & Gene Wolfe who live in Branson MO (Doris is my father's mother's sister, and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June 2007).  There are a few additional cousins that I can cover in a more detailed FAMILY TREE...but I will end by mentioning the Steigleders (Mike & MaryDale, the latter of which is one of my grandmother's brothers daughters), who are a great family and we do see them occasionally for Nebraska games.  Eventually most of these contacts will be posted in the family tree section.  I need much more info on Steve Berry's family...I do know he's the youngest of five boys, and both his parents have passed away - his mother about nine years ago and his father (who resided in Tucson AZ) in May 2008.   

McGonigal Genealogy - info on our last name
(PDF file)


What about the Lamberty family?

I have full intentions of having Laura’s family represented in more detail on this site, all I need is the time to get it done! For now, here’s a bit of basic background info:

Ken & Rose – living in Mundelein where they have resided for 35+ years; They have been married over 46 years!  Ken works in automotive parts distribution and spend spare time working on his boat, computer, and with family.  Rose had a bad bout with pneumonia in 2009 so is generally “retired” from most activities.  However, she still enjoys an occasional visit to Potawatomi Casino (Milwaukee) to satisfy her passion for Bingo.

Jimmy & Julie – living in Antioch with daughters Jessica (10) and Jenna (6). Jimmy is still working at SBC (20+ years) and has successfully recovered from surgery and radiation treatments in 2004 on a leg tumor.  Julie is a part-time Veterinarian, part-time scrapbooker and of course a busy mom.

Beth (LeClair) – living in Antioch about three blocks from her brother Jimmy, along with daughter Shannon and son Kevin (Beth retains full custody over her ex-husband Jeff).  Beth, an LPN, is the office manager for Medical Arts Facility (formerly Dr. McClurg's offices). Shannon is in her first year at Illinois State University, and Kevin is a sophomore at Antoich High School.

Michelle (Kierna) and David – living in Gurnee; Michelle teaches special education at Mundelein High School and David is a long-time employee of the USPS.  David has two sons who do not live at home: Brad (20) who is working on becoming a fireman, and David (22) who is a senior at Loras College.

Other Lamberty relatives - this will take a lot of work as they have a large set of extended families, most notably Raymond and Rose Marie Lamberty (Ray is Ken's brother), who have eight children!  More on this as time permits... 


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