Happy 40th, Bryan!

As of October 16th 2005 I officially left the realm of thirtysomething. 

I was out at the ND-USC game on Saturday 10/15 and figured that something may be in the works for me on Sunday when I returned.  Sure enough...I was first surprised by my sister, brother-in-law & niece flying in for the weekend!  I got home a bit earlier than expected, so Missy was actually not home when I walked in...but Steve was there.  OK, figuring that was more than good enough, I thanked them for the surprise and just hung out for a couple hours talking.  When it came time to go eat, we went to pick a close-by restaurant...and though Kelsey's Road House first came up, I ended up deciding that Dukes (Wauconda) would be better, plus if not crowded we could sit in the bar area and watch some of the Bears game.  I never even saw the big surprise party coming...

There were a few dozen friends and family members at Dukes waiting for me!  Admittedly Laura has failed in pretty much all of her attempts to surprise me on these type of occasions, but not this time.  She also banked on the thought that I'd pick Dukes, so the surprise remained intact.  Anyway, there was a full food buffet and open bar tab...the Bears ended up kicking the crap out of Minnesota, and everyone had a great time!

I would like to THANK everyone who showed up for this event (and the thoughtful gifts)...I've never had a surprise party thrown for me before, and my wonderful wife really pulled it off!  I am truly blessed to have such a great family and group of friends, which makes me look forward to the next 40 years of life!

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