Peg Murray and Adrian Kriz...
A Wedding Celebration in the Woods

September 24, 2005

Laura, myself and Jimmy & Julie Lamberty (minus the kids) made a trip out to Oregon to attend the wedding of Peg Murray and Adrian Kriz.  Peg is an old friend of Jimmy & Laura, originally from Indiana but has lived out in Oregon for the past several years.  I'm pretty sure her husband, Adrian, is originally form Oregon.

We were about 3 hours SE of Portland at a beautiful campground located by a ski resort.  Beautiful but chilly!  The wedding was Saturday afternoon outdoors; quite a turnout, the weather cooperated, and some amazing food (apparently we were eating one of Peg's prize-winning pigs).  Even Peg's dog got into the action by howling at the appropriate times - after "you may kiss the bride" and during the toast.   All in all a great weekend, and we wish Peg & Adrian a very long, happy life together.

Sunrise over the lake
Our cabin (nicer than it looks)
Found the pot of gold!
Dark figures are Bryan & Laura
Jimmy & Julie

Brother & Sister by a creek
Another nice view
Here comes Laura!
...Laura again.

The bride & groom
Maverick keeping Laura's feet warm "You may kiss the bride!"
Mr. & Mrs. Kriz

Adrian addressing the crowd. The best man speech.