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Bryan's Bloglike Bantering
Originally posted June 15, 2006  (further down is the June 30 posting)'s why I decided to leave Medline

The past several weeks have certainly been interesting and very busy times, dominated by my dad's new home purchase and of course my job situation.  I'll focus on the latter as that's been the main topic of interest to my friends and (former) co-workers.  Hopefully the following will provide some brief insight on the decision and perhaps clear up a few misconceptions as well:

I do NOT hate Medline.  In fact it's quite the opposite - I have a tremendous amount of respect for the company, the owners and the great group of employees that have made this company a success.  It's been a big part of my life directly for fifteen years, indirectly for over 37 as my dad started in 1969.  Besides, my career at Medline has made it possible to explore this new opportunity.    

This WAS a very tough decision to make.  Walking away from a stable job with a good company, especially one where I know so much about it and am friends with lots of people, isn't too appealing.  Knowing this would adversely affect my family's income for quite a while is never a good thing.  There was a tremendous amount of stress leading up to April 12th, which is when I finally pulled the trigger and submitted my resignation.  Do note that leaving Medline was my idea and my decision; there were no "job security" issues at hand.

I WAS unhappy with my job.  Though I have downplayed this issue, I would be lying if I said this didn't make the tough decision to leave a bit easier.  Things were getting stale for me.  My ambition was waning and it was becoming a chore to come into work every day.  This was adversely affecting my personal life and attitude, which was unfortunately magnified by my mom's illness.  Additionally, for quite some time, certain dynamics within Marketing had been less than satisfactory (I'll take the high road and just leave it at that for now).    

Would I have stayed at Medline if I moved to a different position?  Honestly, it's hard to say for sure.  Yes there were some positions of interest that may have made me happier and kept me there longer, but eventually my entrepreneurial interests would have won.  I do know that I was long overdue for a change, and I strongly believed that it was time to try something much different.

I had a GOAL, and the timing is good.  On a financial, psychological and probably a spiritual level, the timing now is right for the change.  My desire to run my own business is sincere and strong.  I am looking forward to spending more time with the family and enjoying life.  Our family is fully aware that expenses will greatly outweigh income for a while, but that has already been factored into the plan.  In terms of goals, back about 1 years ago I told Laura that when I turned 40 (October 2005) I didn't want to be doing the same job that I was doing now.  My mom's illness took precedence over my decision, otherwise a change would have happened much earlier.  For what it's worth, I'm much better prepared now than I was eight months ago.  Sometimes things do seem to work out...

I'm confident that I will succeed, which means I've already won a big part of the initial battle.  This is quite a change and will require some adjustments, but I'm more than up for the challenge.  I work well on my own...heck, I've more or less been doing that for the last few years at Medline anyway!  I'm aware of my diverse abilities, shortcomings, and am always looking for ways to improve.  Most important, I'm very excited about this venture, which means work will once again be fun for me.

You now have the straightforward and honest scoop on my decision.  If there's any interest, over a few beers I'd certainly be happy to fill in some of the details.  You buy the first couple rounds! 


Bryan's Bloglike Bantering
Originally posted June 30, 2006

When you close one door, make another to open!

Yes it's official - my Medline career is history.  Late afternoon on Thursday June 15th, after a full day comprised of saying goodbyes to countless people, cleaning out my office, and yes even doing quite a bit of work, I walked out of Medline for my last time as an employee.  A bit of background on events leading up to my departure are available here.  No animosity, no regrets, it's just time for me to move on to something truly exciting... 

...and now I'm pleased to introduce BLAM Productions, Inc.  The next chapter in my career - and life - begins NOW.  After over a year of talking about it and triple that time considering it, I am officially in business for myself with BLAM Productions, Inc.  The primary focus is going to be on communications, print and electronic media publishing...with the highlight being a very special project that has the potential to become a very successful venture.  I'll discuss this in more detail very soon, along with another promising opportunity.  Frankly there's SO much to talk about during this these very early and exciting stages of the company that I can't fit it all in this writeup!  However, I'll eventually have it available and will leave it for that website, which should be up and running with new business information within next couple weeks.   

Since leaving Medline about two weeks ago, life has been almost relaxing. Prepping some of the business stuff has been mixed in with some household chores, much-needed errands and of course some additional time with the family.  I was even back in the Medline offices this past Tuesday for a short time, and was wearing a visitors badge (quite the weird feeling). So far it's still more or less vacation mode for me, but with a new project to develop plus some very strong work potential brewing, vacation won't last much I better enjoy it while I can.

  Anyway, I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who's called or e-mailed me with support, ideas or offers to help if needed.  It's truly appreciated, and you can bet I may take you up on the offers.  For now, I'll get back to a bit of R&R, get some work organized, spend some quality time with the family and enjoy a lot of 4th of July fireworks.  Yeah, life is good.


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