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From Las Scottsdale...then a long drive back to the Chicago suburbs!
August 16 - 21, 2006.  

It started by meeting the Dorsch Brothers (Gene, Randy & Russell) in Las Vegas on a Wednesday afternoon, where we proceeded to hit over ten casinos over about 40 hours time, then we left Friday morning for Phoenix/Scottsdale.  Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon consisted of lots of pool time, some good restaurants and a round of golf at Desert Highlands (where I shot higher then the daytime temp).  The long drive back (about 1,850 miles and 25 hours of actual driving) with Gene and their new car began Sunday afternoon and ended in the wee hours of early Tuesday morning.

There's a cross-section of pictures here from our trip...virtually none in the casinos (they frown on that), and on the drive home we drove through some rain and of course darkness, which limited the pics that could be taken. 

Arriving at Harras in Las Vegas...

Gene calling his brothers upon our arrival.

...and we had a beautiful parking lot view!

Look, it's Kip from Napoleon Dynamite!

Gene, the serious driver.

The Dorsch compound...pool view from the upper level.

Another shot from the Dorsch compound.

Sarah Dorsch hitting the slide.

Gene, Jenny, Sarah and Jeffrey

Ma and Pa Dorsch (Gene & Barbara)

Gene & Jenny's new car...thanks, Mrs. Dorsch!

Bye bye Jenny & Kids...enjoy the flight from HELL...

Wow, was this great Mexican food!

That's me...

Speaking of hot...

A brief casino stop on the way back from the airport.

Eary morning over one of the mountains.

First tee, Desert Highlands.

Mr. Dorsch takes his swing...

Yup, that's me (and I had a good drive too).

I love the balls lodged in the cactus...saw a lot of these...

Gene Sr, Gene Jr.

Scene is too pretty, swing is too ugly to play golf!

Just a cactus...

Officially on our way, Sunday afternoon.

...if I drive real fast, we may make it back in 12 hours!

Flagstaff, 114 miles.

Hey, it's cooled off to a pleasant 108!

Asshole trucks...pick ONE lane already!

Turning off towards Albequerque.

Holbrook AZ...a lovely place...

We stayed here in Santa Rosa NM...for about five hours.

Our beautiful room...five hours of sleep and we're outta there!

On the road again early Monday main stop, home!

Yes, we were on historic Route 66 for most of the trip.

Amarillo TX...117 miles...

Officially the Texas state line...entering the "panhandle".

We were on Rt. 40 from Flagstaff all the way through Oklahoma City.

Sirius Radio and Dr. Pepper got us through the trip.

Famous place...72 oz steaks if you eat it all...Gene wouldn't let me try.

The largest free-standing religious cross in North America. How wonderful.

Shamrock, TX...Gene stayed at this shithole when driving back home from 9/11/01.

Wind generators...acres and acres of wind generators (Oklahoma)

Oklahoma City, 41 miles...

Gene setting up a job interview (really!)

Yes, I did drive too...about half the trip.

Vinita OK...worlds largest glass house? Whatever.

Rt. 44, leaving Tulsa...

Welcome to Missouri!

One of our last stops for refueling in stop, home...

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