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Once upon a time I had a robust family page at this address, which contained all sorts of cool things and family info. However, the last update was done at the end of 2010, so it eventually became just a forward to my personal Facebook page. Now it’s changed to what you see here.

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April 17, 2024 - when you start getting too dependent on technology that you don't own, it can bite you in the ass. A few days ago my personal Facebook account that I had since 2006 was inexplicably deactivated, stating that my page "goes against our community standards on account integrity and authentic identity.” Now, there are many users out there (some of which are friends of mine) that will make a habit of posting questionable material and subsequently get punished with account suspensions of a day, week, month or more. In my situation this was clearly a mistake with their technology, as there have been NO community standards issues on my page or recent postings, plus I've NEVER been punished by Facebook before. My appeal was quickly denied and I have no ability to appeal again, so no jail sentence for me - it’s straight to the electric chair.

Before I even started with Facebook I had a robust family site at the url, with other personal urls and forwarding to this site. The "starry" graphic background on this page and the McGonigal page header is from my original website. Since the page hadn't been updated in well over a decade, a couple years ago I opted to simplify the efforts and have these just forward to my Facebook page. I'm now returning to the as my main page, even if it's just a landing page for links and the occasional updates (like this one). My advice to everyone is if you have a long-term Facebook (or other social media) account that contains significant content, do an occasional full backup. It could protect you from losing everything if you suddenly don’t have account access anymore. Besides, "they" own the rights to their site... and if they can shut me down for seriously doing nothing wrong, they can do it to you.

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There’s nothing additional at the moment - the goal for now was to try out some new software options and get this landing page up & running. Mission accomplished! Check back in the future for more family content.

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